Nowadays, refrigerators are extremely quiet compared to the old ones. Because of this, you might be startled when you hear any weird sounds coming from your modern fridge. However, when should you be alarmed about your fridge making noise and what noise specify normal function?

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Fridge Makes Vibrating Sound

The compressor of a fridge can make a vibrating noise as it works. Typically, this does not present an issue and will stop when the compressor isn’t working anymore. But, a continuous vibrating noise can present a loose part, an indication that the fridge is not level, or a defective fan motor. Also, vibrating noises can happen if your fridge is too close to a cabinet or a wall.

Examine your fridge to ensure every drawer and the interior shelf is secure and that it is at least 2 to 4 inches from any surface. Consult the manual of the fridge to figure out how to adjust the legs properly if the fridge is not level.

Loud Thumping Sound

You might be surprised when you hear a loud thumping noise from your fridge. However, typically, it occurs as ice cubes drop into the ice bucket. You should not worry because it’s part of the regular function of your fridge and it can occur each time the ice maker produces ice.

Running or Gurgling Water

A fridge that is making noise that sounds like gurgling could happen as water flows to the ice maker to create ice. Aside from that, you might also hear a gurgling noise as the liquid refrigerant runs through the evaporator and heat exchanger of the fridge.

But, it can present an issue with the defrost system if you discover puddles around or in the fridge. Too much condensation can mean that the gasket around the fridge door is torn or dirty. This enables cold air to escape. It is recommended that you contact a professional appliance repair company to replace the torn gasket or examine the defrost system.

Clicking Sounds

The latest refrigerators on the market utilize electronic controls for a lot of tasks and most of these controls can produce a clicking sound when you turn off and on. A fridge’s clicking sound can happen when the controls of the freezer turn on and off the compressor or whenever the defrost cycle is stopping or starting. Typically, the clicking sounds stop after a couple of seconds.

There is a chance that the water inlet or water line has loosened if you hear a constant clicking sound that does not stop. To ensure it isn’t broken and is secure, examine the connection of the water line.

Thus, how loud should your fridge be in this age of quiet refrigerators? If you think that your fridge is having some problems, do not hesitate to contact an appliance repair company right away.