One of the little known pleasures of life is remodeling a bathroom. The reason for this is that you can build something extremely unique for your family. However, the issue is that people get stuck considering all the various vanities, shower screens, bathtubs, and tiles and tend to forget a couple of the less remarkable features of their bathroom.

Today, we are going to talk about some of the vital, yet forgotten elements of the bathroom. These are features that you’ve got to tackle in your Lexington bath remodel project.

Leave Space for Cleaning

You shouldn’t pack in all things so tight that it is hard to clean around things if you’ve got a tiny bathroom. You require enough room between the walls, shower, bath, and vanity to fit the head of a vacuum, your hand holding a duster or a mop. If can be really frustrating to see an accumulation of dead insects, dust, or dirt that you aren’t able to clean since you cannot access it.

Excellent Ventilation

If you want to keep your bathroom free from mold, ventilation is vital. However, oftentimes, it is an element that is not prioritized. You’ve got to ensure that the exhaust fan is huge enough for the area and that it vets to the outdoors. Else, all the moist warm air will sit in the roof, promoting mold to develop unnoticeable in your attic. A window is an excellent element in the bathroom. However, oftentimes, it isn’t enough to keep the bath mold-free. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you have the correct ventilation system for your space.

The Next Owner

You really have to balance the resale value of your property against your style, just like any house renovation. For instance, you probably want a yellow tile for your bathroom. However, will buyers really like that color scheme if you have to sell your house at some point? You need to concentrate on a timeless style. However, this does not mean that you cannot have an elegant bathroom that fits your style. You simply have to be careful. If you actually like the color yellow, you can incorporate it in your window dressings, plant pots, light shades, towels, and much more.

Slip-Proof Flooring

Almost every single one of us knows that tiles can be extremely dangerous and slippery, whether you’ve got dogs, young kids, or elderly relatives. Because of this, you have to prioritize non-slip tiles for your new bathroom instead of investing in a shiny one. There are a lot of elegant non-slip tiles out there. Thus, you will not have to be stuck with institutional type or traditional tiles.

Enough Storage

Storage is a big problem in bathrooms. Thus, you’ve got to consider it before you install anything. This is particularly true if you’re installing something that does not offer storage. You will need enough storage for your towels, cleaning solutions, bath products, beauty products, makeup, and much more. Thus, you can think about mirrored units, shelving, and cabinet style vanity units.