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Respiratory Health Check

Respiratory Health Check

What is Respiratory Health Check?

Respiratory Health Check is a service set up and supported by Respiratory Education UK. As a subsidiary company, Respiratory Health Check has been built upon over a decade of expertise and experience and offers the same high quality and standards as REUK. Underpinned by a sound knowledge base and with a highly skilled workforce, Respiratory Health Check provides a range of services to 'support screening, diagnosis and review in practice.'

Why was Respiratory Health Check established?

Regularly statistics tell us that lung disease is prevalent within the UK and that, in terms of mortality and morbidity, there is a case for significant improvement in outcomes for the people who live with such conditions.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is linked to premature mortality with figures almost twice that of the European Union. Figures for asthma deaths are slightly lower but each present a huge burden upon the NHS and society as a whole.

Despite regular interaction with the healthcare system, an estimated 2million people remain undiagnosed with COPD. Part of the problem is due to the fact that the symptoms develop gradually over a long period of time, and often go unrecognised until the disease has reached a severe stage.

"Knowing my lung age has been a real eye opener for me, I know I have to really make an effort to give up smoking as soon as possible and knowing support is available to help me, makes the challenge a little less daunting."

Evidence suggests that there are specific factors which put people at greater risk but, despite this, screening and diagnostic tests are often not available or not available from appropriately qualified and trained staff.

Differential diagnosis between asthma and COPD are often not well understood and as a result evidence shows that individuals are being mis-diagnosed and mis-managed as a consequence. Not only does this have implications on the control and potential progression of a disease, it also has financial implications for the NHS.

For a number of reasons, practices are often unable to facilitate screening and spirometry on the size and scale needed. Sometimes the sheer numbers of potential patients is too great or at other times the numbers of people being investigated so low that staff are unable to maintain their skills and confidence to perform screening and diagnosis effectively.

Respiratory Health Check offers a solution to this by providing suitably qualified staff to support the full range of screening, spirometry and review on an ad hoc basis throughout the year. This service is available at short notice, is cost effective and ensures standards and quality of provision irrespective of the location involved.

For more details please go to the Respiratory Health Check website by visiting:

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